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          公司主要產品有: 灶具面板玻璃、 抽油煙機玻璃、平彎鋼化玻璃、大小烤箱玻璃、消毒柜玻璃、太陽能面板玻璃等。與多家知名品牌公司:萬和集團、美的廚電、華帝集團等長期合作。   

      Guangdong Langpok Glass Industrial Co., Ltd. which is from Foshanis a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and processing of home appliances glass. Founded in 2002, its products are in thedomestic industry's advanced level of the range of  serialization, specialization and production capacity and other aspects.
      We have advanced devices from home and abroad, such as automatic high precision cutting glass equipments and integrationnumerical controlled edging process lines, many sets of ultra-highpressure water jet cutting and automatic dust-free screen printing lines, and multiple tempering furnace which can be flated steel, bent steel, bent steel, special-shaped steel. 
      What’s more, our technical team has strong development capabilities to exploit new products; our production people have high technological level and we can customize to the customers’ special demands.
      The main products of company include kitchen panel glass, the glass of smoke lampblack machine, flat and bent tempered glass, the glass of oven in every size, the glass of disinfection cabinet, Solar energy fabric surface glass and so on. We achieve long-term business relationship with plenty of well-known brands: Vanward, Midea and Vantage, etc.
      Our company always adheres to the excelsior and pursue outstanding for aim. Customers from home and abroad are warmly welcome to visit our company and establish business contacts for more prosperous future.

      地址:廣東省佛山市順德區北滘鎮三洪奇工業區中路 電話:0757-88741007 88049533
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